Pang Lan Village and Waterfalls

dsc00793.jpgDuring April 2012 you have the chance to study the art of massage in the beautiful surroundings of Pang Lan village and waterfalls, in the North of Thailand with out Thai Master Instructor. We are supporting the nearby villagers, they in turn are teaching us about their way of life in a personal way.

The course is open to Students, Professional's, Massage Therapists, Yoga Practitioners, All Ages and All Backgrounds and is approved for credit.

With over fifteen years experience we have developed a safe and great experience, we give you the chance to join the most exciting program you have ever been involved in, as well as help to develop your practice on your return.

dsc00801.jpgOur program will be based on cultural immersion/Eco tourism. We will spend a significant portion of the program time working with teachers and professional Thai's to actually experience Thai Yoga and Healing Arts. Classes are held in a four sided open pavilion called a 'Sala' which can also be used as a meeting place or sun shade. Traditional bamboo built private accommodation is provide, with a comfortable ambience and close to nature.


The Program consists of one week, our teachers are well trained and have years of experience with Traditional Thai Massage.

All Classes are taught in simple English.

No more than 10 students to 1 Teacher + assistant. So we can attend to everyone's needs.


Come and study Thai Massage and at the same time enjoy the exotic delights of Thailand the diverse cultures while being at one with nature.


Click HERE for 2012 Itinerary.




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