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Science and innovation enterprises and the Internet age - large capacity electronics.

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On November 3, 2014, China's first scientific innovation enterprise and the Internet era summit were held in Beijing. Representatives from technology-based entrepreneurial small and medium-sized enterprises and the Internet industry representatives gathered, analysis of China's Internet and win the new trends, new characteristics of enterprises, from multiple aspects this paper analyzes the new type of industrial transformation, driven by the Internet reading kechuang model in a new era of Internet.

Mr. Wen taosong, marketing director of huizhou big capacity electronic technology co., LTD was present at the meeting.

Over the past decade or so, China has rapidly developed into a major Internet power. In recent years, China's science and technology start-ups have planted the wings of the Internet and developed rapidly. Large electronic created by several young returnees entrepreneurs, they are in American or Taiwanese self-restore fuse industry work more than ten years of experience, is a typical use of the Internet platform for science and technology business enterprise. Today, more than 200 million yuan is restored, and the pearl river delta, the Yangtze river delta, and the bohai rim, the three major industrial regions, are growing rapidly, and their export share is growing.

 In the age of science and technology, what is Internet entrepreneurship?

In an interview with the China science and technology news "reporter, large electronic WenTaoSong read that way," Internet startup is to use the Internet technology, transformed products from research and development, production, sales, service of the whole industrial chain. It also includes changes in upstream and downstream industries such as procurement.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of China's access to the Internet. Over the past 20 years, China has become a veritable network power, with a huge user base. The number of Internet users increased from 110 million in 2005 to nearly 750 million in 2014. At the same time, China's Internet economy is smaller, from 14.69 billion yuan in 2005, the rapid development in 2014 to 775.4 billion yuan, the data shows that the Internet is at an unprecedented rate change our life and production, is the wealth of entrepreneurs' eyes inviting new blue ocean.

When it comes to using the Internet to kechuang enterprise, WenTaoSong thinks, although have the network in the past, but the information such as enterprises, products are still spread like a newspaper, this way is scattered, not only change in the way of media; After that, people began to realize that the Internet could realize the connection between users and data, directly complete corporate propaganda, product display, online ordering and settlement. Now, an entire industry pattern has been formed, became the real solutions and business model, with alibaba's Tmall, taobao, ali platform as an example, fully realize the online trade, reduce the transaction time, cost and risk.

Large capacity electronic use of the Internet to reduce enterprise operating costs.

Standing on the new starting point of Internet entrepreneurship, big people understand that to get good results, we must focus on the market and focus on the needs of customers and customers. The Internet realizes the interaction of information, which is the connection between supplier and demander, a complete, safe and convenient Internet platform. For example, the customer's investigation of the supplier can now be conveniently conducted through the network video for interview and "field" investigation. For example, the way of trading, the choice of alibaba online trading platform, is to use the Internet technology and platform to quickly establish mutual trust and reduce operating costs for enterprises.

The following is again to the reader, the customer, to introduce the large volume electronic self-restoring fuse product ordering platform:


On this platform, you can consult, negotiate, place orders, pay, etc. All transaction procedures, alipay transaction both sides are safe, enjoy the buyer's guarantee, seven days without reason return service. In ali platform, large capacity is also the four A class supplier.

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