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Large capacity electronics and world handwashing day.

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It's the annual global handwashing day. The day comes to remind us that everyone is hygienic, loves health, and wash hands frequently. Perhaps inadvertently we overlooked this detail. The devil is in the details. So no matter how small it is, it is not a trivial matter to do it carefully and carefully.

Large electronic because adhere to the thought of this, to make our products achieve the most advanced, to make our service more perfect, let's do the quality of the optimization, make our work enthusiasm high. It is based on this idea that we can overcome the difficulties and make breakthroughs again and again, and develop into today's big capacity electronic technology limited company.

At 8:30 in the morning, the boss stepped into the office and said, "good morning, everyone." Warm greetings bring you a good mood for the day's work. Then tell us, "world handwashing day" is a global celebration of health and health. Today, everyone should pay attention to the quality of hand washing and care for health, starting from you and me.

Then, colleagues who have been working for a long time have come to the bathroom and started to think seriously.

Do everything, as long as the heart, the end result no matter what, we have no regrets, because you tried, there is no regret. Do it with your heart, and it will bring you better service. For every detail of the product, you can achieve perfection. From fuse selection to fuse problems to solve, from the fuse current in the circuit resistance voltage testing to the customer's satisfied smile, from the product size to product packaging, from logistics to send the goods to the customer. We manage every detail carefully.

Finally turn off the faucet, wipe the water bead with towel, that moment, feel the sunshine is beautiful, the air is fragrant, with the good mood, began this day's work. On October 15, world handwashing day, you are still hesitating about what to do!

Attachment: six steps to correct hand washing.

Step 1: palm relative, fingers together, rub together.

Step 2: rub the opponent's back along the fingers.

Step 3: palms facing each other, hands cross fingers and knead each other.

Step 4: bend your fingers to make the joint spin on the other hand.

Step 5: grab your left thumb and rub it.

Step 6: put your fingertips together and put them in the other hand.

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