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The benefits of the product imported from the recovery fuse.

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Easy installation

WH self - reset overcurrent protector has no polarity and is connected to the circuit that needs to be protected. It is not only widely used, but also safe and reliable.

Repeated use

After power supply and troubleshooting, automatic return to normal state, no manual replacement, can be reused.

Improve the quality

It can improve the quality of customers' products, greatly reduce the natural damage rate of finished products, and greatly extend the service life of the products.

No connect again

Under the condition of failure, the fault circuit will not be connected again (other protection circuit, bimetallic strip will be repeatedly connected and the fault scope will be extended).

Increase the bright spot

Because of the addition of high-tech elements, we can add new points of light to our customers' products, so that vulnerable circuits are no longer vulnerable.

Reduce the cost

Reduce the number of components, PCB area, damage to the operation process than other protection circuits. Reduce the cost of after-sales service.

Improve the credibility

Can improve the reputation of the customer company and the market competitiveness of the product.

Increased efficiency

Can improve the design efficiency and protection accuracy and reliability of engineers.

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