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What factors affect the performance of the fuse?

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Some E-mail from asks: I am a fuse enthusiasts, to fuse the knowledge also know about, but still some don't understand, the performance of the fuse and what factors? I hope you can tell me. Thank you.

Large capacity electronics engineer to answer for you.

As is known to all, for the performance of the fuse, the outside temperature influence on it is also a very direct, so in addition to the ambient temperature, and there are many factors are temperature changes will affect on the fuse melts, it also will affect the performance of the fuse, for example.

1. Internal resistance of the fuse: insurance is the initial internal resistance or the increase of internal resistance after aging will affect the change of fuse cooling conditions, which will eventually lead to a faster fuse time of the fuse.

2. Connection of fuse: the connection in the fuse is also a big factor. If the contact resistance of the connection is larger, it will also affect the performance of the fuse.

3. Around the cooling conditions: fuse and the distance between the internal connection of components, each element is arranged in the circuit density, connection wire length and cross-sectional area on the PC board distance and so on are all related.

In addition to those reasons mentioned above, some parameters of fuse improper selection, also will affect the fuse, the actual function, so, choose the appropriate fuse is the safest.

From the above, I believe that you should know more, and what do not understand, welcome to call, email to continue to visit. More information can also refer to other content of the website, thank you for your support.

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